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Built by App Devs for App Devs!

We understand the struggle of all those countless hours developing your project and then getting it noticed by the consumers once launched. We are an Canada based app and games development studio who have gone through the same struggles and believe in the apps Devs coming together to become successful in the industry.

Our Mission

To build the ultimate Game Developer platform.

We are building 2 seperate but connected platforms. The ultimate social media platform tailored specifically for everyone in the aap and game development industry and a consumer portal that will showcase all of your awesome projects to the public along with game news and reviews.

How will help you?

Showcase your portfolio

Post all your projects on our network. These are searchable by every member and are used to give you a developer rating on the network.

Crazy Ideas

Connect and stay up to date with what is happening from colleagues or use the platform to share ideas with them

Manage everything from one site

Everything is done in 1 place. Manage projects, connect with colleagues, manage your team along with all your data for the consumer site.

Our Awesome Team

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Boney McFannin

Jerremy Dawson

Jhon Makauer

Why should I contribute?

We are seeking the help from the development community to help us bring this to market sooner and at a higher quality at launch. It’s a very ambitious project that requires additional development staff for us to do it right. Any funds we can raise will be put back in to additional experienced development staff along with marketing the platform as we get closer to launch.

What do I get for my contribution?

If you work in the game industry, we will send you a tax deductable work expense receipt for your contribution. Game Guru Network is a registered Australian Business.
All members who contribute will have their game reviews at the top of the review queue when being added to our network. All projects will also receive more regular front page featuring to reward those developers who helped us come to market.

Do I have to contribute to use the service?

NO! Although the contributing users will get a few perks, the core experience will be the same for all users no matter your status or who you work for. We want to treat all users the same from the solo indie developers through to the big name studios.


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